68 miles hike at Ansel Adams Wilderness - Day 4

68 miles hike at Ansel Adams Wilderness - Day 4


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Day 4:

Start: Davis Lakes, Ansel Adams Wilderness

End: Lyell Canyon Trailhead, Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center, Yosemite

Statistics: 18 miles, +2100ft / -3400ft


Waking up with the same morning routine, taking early morning and sunrise reflection pictures 😊

From the lakes we hiked back to the JMT, turn left (north) and start going down to the valley below, there we met another group of forest workers that had a task to build 3 bridges, they think that this will take them a week of work. They were all concern from the Tahoe fires and expected to be called to help fighting the fires.

After crossing the river with the old footbridge, we start our climb up to the mountain pass.

JMT climb up to Donohue Pass, the climb from this side of the mountain is not as difficult as we thought it will be, after 3.8 miles of climbing we reach the pass itself.

The open ragged mountain ranges and panoramic landscape at the pass was rewording.

From this point onward we left behind the Ansel Adams Wilderness and went back into Yosemite National Park.

We start ascending down the long JMT section that is leading to Lyell Canyon below.

This section was a relatively steep 4 miles downhill.

For the ones that are hiking in the opposite direction heading south this is a long, and challenging clime, if you are planning to do this hike section prepare yourself and plan your time accordingly, there is nowhere to camp at the pass ….

We reached the valley floor, from here we started our last 8 miles starch at the meadows along the river.

The Lyell River was running but the valley itself and the grassland was dry, and we did not saw any animal, no deer or anything else.

As we start getting closer to Tuolumne Meadows, we met with day-hikers.

We reach to a trail junction, turned right following the JMT (and PCT), the trail is crossing the river to the other side over the Tween Bridge, 1 mile later and we reach our starting point and our parked car.

On our way back, home we stop at Olmsted Point viewing point and took few pictures of Half Dome.
4 days ago when we arrived early in the morning it was covered completely by the fire smoke ...

We start driving west. 4 hours later we reach our home at San Francisco South Bay area at 9pm…



Few short conclusions and insights:

- It was fun 4 days hike, the nature is amazing !


- You do not need a lot more than a good friend for the company, a good long strenuous hike, and the wilderness nature to be really happy.


- I’m always amazed seeing deep in the wilderness senior people doing such hikes, taking their pace and distance but doing this. I wish to myself being able and doing such hikes for many years to come.


We almost did not see any large animals, only 2 deer…

- I think that now after several long-distance hikes I found the right equipment setup; We are always saying to ourselves that we need to take with us less food, maybe next time….



Additional Pictures from the same day: