Mount Tamalpais State Park - Steep Ravine Trail


What? : Hike from the Pacific Ocean coastline all the way up to the Pantoll Ranger Station in Mount Tamalpais State Park. This loop hike offers deep lush forest, rushing streams and waterfalls and from the top open trail sections a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

My highway 1 north section trip planner link:

Where? : Located on the west side of Mount Tamalpais State Park, from Highway 1 near the ocean to Pantoll Ranger Station at the mountains.

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When? : Year round, prefer in the winter when the creek has a lot of running water.


Due note 1: Due to its popularity, this hike tends to be crowded during weekends. It is recommended that you will start your hike early in the morning.


Due note 2: At Pantoll Ranger Station, even though there’s a parking fee, the little parking lot can fill up by early morning on weekends.


Due note 3: The water flow at the Webb Creek is much stronger during winter, right after a rain.


My thoughts: One of the best hikes in this region, it combines the deep redwood forest, Webb Creek waterfalls, Open ocean vista and more.

Highly recommended hike.

The visit:

There are 3 starting points options for this hike:

·       Lower entry: Steep Ravine Trailhead at Highway 1 at Rocky Point, park at the trailhead or few hundred feet down the road (, this will be 4.6-mile loop hike.

·       Lower entry: Dipsea Trail Trailhead at Panoramic Highway junction with Highway 1, you can park at the roadside ( or at the nearby Stinson Beach town center (, this will be 6-mile loop hike.

·       Upper entry: Pantoll Ranger Station (, this will be 3.5-mile loop hike.


Starting at Highway 1 at Rocky Point:

Find a parking spot on the shoulders of highway 1 in place that this is allowed, if no parking available right at the trailhead you can probably find a parking spots few hundred feet to the north.

Form your first step into the trail you will get into the lush ravine, surrounded by the deep forest. The trail climbs moderately and after 0.5 mile you will reach the Dipsea Trail.

Keep hiking up on Steep Ravine Trail, the creek is getting dipper with high trees on both sides of the canyon. At this section there are two waterfalls along Webb Creek in Steep Ravine.

The upper falls requires climbing up the waterfall via a 10 ft. high wooden ladder, this is probably the “famous” picture from this trail.

Once reaching Pantoll parking lot and Park HQ (2 miles from your starting point), find the Lower Old Mine Trail or take the Deer Park Fire Road to the south, a short hike will bring you to Veterans' Bench viewing point. The open mountain landscape rolling down to the west and the panorama ocean view from this point worth a short-stop.

From here, take Dipsea Trail down west, enjoy the open landscape and after 1.5-mile you will reconnect to Steep Ravine Trail at the creek below.

From this point go back to your car on the same trail you came up.



If you start your hike at Dipsea Trailhead near Stinson Beach than you will start by climbing the open hills south of Stinson Beach. At some point you will descend to Webb Creek and join Steep Ravine Trail, from start to this junction you will hike 1.2-mile long. Go up the Webb creek and follow my Steep Ravine Trail above section hiking instructions.



If you are starting Pantoll Ranger Station than I recommend first going south on the ridge to Veterans' Bench viewing point, from there take Dipsea trail down to Webb Creek and climb back to the starting point using Steep Ravine Trail, this is the shortest way to hike this creek, 3.5 miles total.