Morro Bay


Last time I visit Morro Bay was at Nov. 2021

What? : Morro Bay is located in California’s Central Coast, on scenic Highway 1. The small town is located on a natural harbor, making it a perfect boat harbor and fantastic place to see marine wildlife and birds.


Nearby Attractions you can visit as a day trip from Morro Bay:

Where? : Located in Central California coast right on hwy 1, 20 minute drive from San Luis Obispo that is on hwy 101.

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Due note: as for any other place in the central and north California coast, Bring warm cloth with you, it will be colder than you think, especially compare to the warmer weather in sunny SoCal. Mornings can be cool and foggy.


My thoughts: I prefer Morro Bay over the more famous and crowded Pismo Beach town or SLO. Morro Bay is more relaxed town and usually less crowded (in summer weekends it is crowded), has more nearby outdoor opportunities and the bay view is amazing.


The visit:

Morro Bay can be easily identified by its two major landmarks: an old power plant whose three large smokestacks and Morro Rock in front of the bay. This is a giant volcanic mountain located directly on the beach.


The town waterfront Embarcadero St. has a lot of restaurants, locally owned shops and small boat piers as well as viewpoint on the bay and the rock on the other side.

I highly recommend taking the front line walk, going through the working harbor where you can see the Sea Otters. There is a nice small Morro Bay Maritime Museum just across the road, few boats outsides and small room with some relevant displays (

After the docks section you can keep walking to the base of the Morro Rock cliff and the beach parking lot. You can't climb the rock but rather keep walking all the way to the end of the trail and the bay opening to the ocean. 



Some of the bay area is protected by Morro Bay State Park that features lagoon and natural bay habitat. There is also a large campground in the park, just near town (


There are large population of sea otter in Morro Bay.

One good otter spotting location is on the dock in front of the old Power station (Embarcadero St.), another is at Coleman Park on the road that lead to the rock or even at the rock parking spots on your left.


Morro Bay is also sanctuary for a huge number of birds, the protected bay, tide muddy sections and river outlet attract the birds. There is large nesting area, close for access, with large eucalyptus trees in the south side of town (Bayshore Bluffs Park).

You can rent a kayak or a standing board and spend few hours in the protected bay.


Short walk in the bay:

Park at the rock large parking lot.

You can’t climb up Morro Rock, but you can go on the trail going on the left side of the rock all the way to the oceanfront and the jetty built out of large pieces of rock.

You can also stroll along the sandy beach starch many miles to the north.


Pictures from Nov. 2021