Sam Trail


Update: 20210728: Afternoon visit, fun as always, stream has running water
Updated: 2020-11-25

Where? : Sam Trail is located 10 minutes drive out of Saratoga city center, turning into Sanborn Rd. from hwy 9 and you will see the side road parking on your left.

What? : Sam Trail is a short easy walk along the Sanborn creek. The creek has year round running water making this excellent and nearby family getaway trip for hot summer day.

Deu note: The parking is on the left side of the road, if no parking keep driving until you see additional side-road places to park, this is the end of the trail and you can park here.
There is no side-road parking where the new trail cross the Sanborn road.

The visit:

The trail start from Sanborn road, take the clear trail entrance at your right into the creek.
Just flow the easy trail, enjoy the running water and the nice forest, once done go back to your car.
After 1/4 mile into the trail you will reach the new bridge, just before the bridge there is a new trail on your left. this 5.1 miles trail climb the mountain and cross them all the way to Saratoga Quarry Park.
The Sam Trail hike itself keep going in the dense wood, some trails are going up to the road on your right and some unmarked trails follow the main river canyon on your left for additional 1/2 mile.
All trails are easy, near the stream running water and in a nice wood, overall excellent place to visit with kids.

Right after crossing the new bridge there is a trail post that direct you to Sanborn county park. you need to cross the road, climb the steep hill and after 0.5 mile you will reach Sanborn park, Welch-Hurst House section.

Parking and hike starting point:



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