Sanborn County Park


Where?Large Santa Clara county park located west of Saratoga, 30 min drive from the valley. The park entrance is few miles into Sanborn Road off of hwy 9.

What?The park has large open grass section for picnics and gathering, overnight campsites are also available.

When? : this is year round park bth the best time to visit is sunny winter day or spring.

Deu noteThe park has large open grass section for picnics and gathering; Overnight campsites are also available.

The Visit:

There are few connector trails (Nature trail) that are going to Walden West Center and from there you can also climb to the ridge with San Andreas trail.

Note: parking lots are located at the lower section of the park so most trails start with a climb up the mountains deep into the forest, few trails will take you up to skyline road & trail.

Recommended hike loops:

3 hr hike: Parking -> Nature trail -> San Andreas trail going up (can go with the road and connect back to San Andreas) -> Sanborn Trail going down to Aubry Creek or take the Peterson Memorial Trail down

Longer: Parking -> going out to main road and head east all the way to the end of the paved road (small parking place on the roadside) -> Lake Ranch Trail -> Lake -> Johan Nicholas Trail going up -> Skyline trail (turn right) -> Sanborn Trail going down to Aubry Creek -> parking

My Thoughts: Nice park where you can have a relatively easy hike to Walden West Center section where you can walk under the huge redwoods. if you want to challenge yourself go up all the way to the ridge line.