Lake Shasta - Salt Creek Dispersed Area


What? :

In this location the train tracks are crossing side arm of the Shasta Lake over a large metal bridge (Union Pacific Salt Creek Trestle).

There is a small forest that you can camp in.

When the Shasta Lake water level are high, as in spring and summer of 2023, this is a great beach to spend some lake time.

When the water level are very low it can be dry section of the lake.



Where? :

Located 5 minutes’ drive off highway 5 (exit 698), drive west follow Lower Salt Creek Road, soon you will reach the parking below the bridge.

Google Map Link



When? :

The best time to visit here is when the lake level is high during hot summer day, spend few hours in the beach.

The summer months can be extremely hot, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit.




Due note 1:  This Campground is on a First Come - First Serve Basis, and it doesn't have designated sites.


Due note 2:  May 15- Sept 11 : Overnight Camping $15/night. Day Use $10/day

Campground is open during the off season with no facilities, no fees, pack it in, pack it out.



Due note 3:  Portables toilet during Service Season


Due note 4:  This is an active railway trucks, it is illegal and can be extremely dangerous to walk on the bridge or walk into the tunnel.

If a train will come, there is no where to escape except few outposts along the bridge.


Due note 5:  There is no “official” trail to the bridge above, but you can find your way up.


Due note 6:  In order to take a picture of the bridge from the side you need to keep walking few hundred feet’s up the road and when it turn left you need to go down right, find your way in the woods to the open section below the tree line near the lake.



My thoughts:

I came here to take few pictures of the bridge, a short stop on my way south.

From pictures I saw prior my visit the lake was almost dry below the bridge. In early summer of 2023, the Shasta Lake was 97% from its full capacity so this arm of the lake was completely covered with water.

When I was near the train tracks, I saw a train coming from the north so I manage to take some pictures when it pass the bridge.






Additional Pictures: