Flower bloom - Highway 58, San Luis Obispo County


What? :

This blog post is from April 2023 when we have a rainy winter that enable the supper-bloom.


This location, just off the road, is one of the best spots to view glorious displays of wildflowers supper-bloom in Central California.


On my drive east from Paso Robles, CA to Carrizo Plain National Monument I stopped at a place where you can see the colorful wildflowers blooming near the main road.

I spend here half an hour late at the afternoon until sunset.


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Where? :

The exact location is on the junction of highway 58 and the small sideroad Shell Creek Rd.

The left junction is located 30 miles east of Paso Robles, or 19.5 miles east of Santa Margarita.

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When? :

The best time to visit here is around spring, early/mid-April is probably the best month.

You should visit here only after rainy winter that enable the desert supper bloom, in “regular” year where there is not a lot of rain the flowers bloom is less impressive.


Due note 1: On all sides of the road, it is a private land with open cuttle grazing so respect the private ownership and do not trespass.


Due note 2: During supper-bloom years weekends there are many people that are stopping here so do expect congestion and maybe parking issues.


Due note 3: This is much smaller compared to Carrizo Plain National Monument but the flowers here are nice and colorful.


My thoughts:

I was on my way east to Bakersfield and I decided to try and see show flower blooming along highway 58. I manage to come here just before sunset and get the last daylight to see the flowers on the fields on the side of the road.



The visit:

The visit is simple, drive slow before the road junction and try to turn left (when driving east) into Shell Creek Rd.

Find a parking spot and explore the surrounding fields.


It is important to avoid trampling the flowers so please walk only on trails and do not harm the flowers so others can enjoy this beautiful sight


Please do not cross any fences or respect signs indicating private property.


You can keep driving north on Shell Creek Rd and enjoy the area with less peoples.


 Additional Pictures: