Costa Rica – Manuel Antonio Biesanz Beach


What? :

If you are staying in the town of Manuel Antonio and you want to enjoy a beach that is less touristic and combine also nature viewing so probably the best beach for that is Biesanz Beach.


This small beach is popular with locals and there is good reason for that.

Small protected sandy bay, surrounded by the jungle where you can see monkeys’ sloths and many other animals.


There are few downsides for this beach:

It somehow long walking from the main Manuel Antonio main road, so you need to use taxi or come with your car.

If you are coming with your car than roadside parking is very limited. Try to come as early in the day as you can.

During mid-day the end of the road is becoming mini-traffic jam where the road is narrow, cars parking on both sides, and there is in and out traffic, be patient, eventually the parking attendants will make traffic going…


After parking your car, you will need to walk 5 minutes down the beach on a jungle trail.

This is not flat trail and can be wet and slippery, but I think that anyone can do it and it is not too long.


Where? :

This small beach is located at the end of a side road in the town of Manuel Antonio.

You need to turn from the main road west (left if you are coming from Quepos) and drive another mile down the narrow winding road (keep right) until you will get to the roadside parking.

The trail is marked and there is opening in the fence.

Google Map Link


When? :

Year round.

December to April is the dry season at Costa Rica and I recommend visiting the state when there is less chance for rain.


This beach is popular with locals and if you are coming with a car try to come as early as you can because parking on the roadside is limited and challenging.


Where to stay:

I’m not covering hotels or restaurants recommendation in my blog

Manuel Antonio town is just near the national park and is a great place to stay at. The town is built on a hillside, and it has some nice beaches, the largest one is just before the Manuel Antonio Park.

The town is the perfect place for tourists with large variety of restaurants, bars and places to hang during the night.



Due note 1: The beach access is free, but you will need to pay the parking helper. If you want to rent chairs and sunset protection you will need to pay.


Due note 2: On the beach there are locals that sale drinks.


Due note 3: This is not big beach and can be crowded mid-day in weekends and holidays.


Due note 4: I recommend carrying your own water with you, you can buy food and drinks on the beach.


Due note 5: for the short hike from the road down to the beach flip flop are OK, just walk slow and do not slip.


Due note 6: Bring with you: swimsuit, a sunscreen, bug spray, and beach towels.


Due note 7: As in any other place in Costa Rica it can rain here also in the dry season, so also pack a light rain jacket. 


Due note 8: There are no official restrooms or showers in the beach, I did saw “restroom” sign just before getting to the beach, but you probably need to pay for it.



My thoughts:

We “discovered” this beach because it was just outside our hotel. We liked it very much and spend here 2 days.

The beach is with send and it surrounded by steep ragged rocks and with lash jungle nature all around it.

We saw many animals here, including sloths, monkeys, iguanas, birds and lizards.


Because the beach was in a walking distance from our hotel, we can by foot but if you are coming from the city, I do recommend using a taxi because parking is limited and challenging.



I think I covered all the information you need to know about this beach, all the rest are pictures I took her ….



Additional Pictures: