Costa Rica – La Fortuna Arenal Mistico Hanging Bridges Park


What? :

In this blog, I will cover our experience at La Fortuna Mistico Hanging Bridges Park.


In this privately owned park, you will walk a well-maintained wide paved trail passing and winding through the lush jungle and crossing the deep canyons over 6 long hanging bridges that will take you above the forest top canopy level.

The Park website:

We visit here at the end of Dec. 2022 and enjoy this experience.

The nature walk through this park will take you 3 hours.



Where? :

If you are in La Fortuna, take road 142 north towards Lake Arenal.

The entrance to the park is well marked located just next to the lake dam north end. From there the side-road will lead to Mistico Park.

The park is located about 30 minutes’ drive from the center of La Fortuna.

Google Map Link



When? :

Year round.

December to April is the dry season at Costa Rica and I recommend visiting the state when there is less chance for rain.

It’s also the most popular time to visit, so expect more tourists and crowds. Book things you know like hotel, park entries, rental car as far ahead as you can. 

When traveling to Costa Rica you should always be prepared for some showers no matter what time of year you are visiting.



Due note 1: You can choose to have a guided tour or a self-guided walk. Here we decided to walk by ourselves.


Due note 2:  Closed shoes are a must for Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park. Without these you will not be entered inside the park.


Due note 3: Wear hiking pants, preferably long pants but they are not a must. Comfortable shirt. Insect repellent may be needed. Carry with you a raincoat, poncho or even simple disposable raincoat, as rain may come in any season.


Due note 4: This is probably the most popular hanging-bridge park in La Fortuna area. Book your park entrance ticket as early as you can.


Due note 5: The preferred time is in the morning when it is less hot, animal may be more active, less clouds so you may have better view of the Arenal volcano and less chance of rain.


Due note 6: At the entrance you can find restaurant, bathroom, and even small gift shop



My thoughts:

Mistico Hanging Bridges Park is one of the more well develop park we visit and in my view worth a visit if you are in the Arenal area.

Mistico Park is bit “clean”, all trails are paved and with protecting rails, the bridges infrastructure looks relatively new, well maintained and safe.

This is not a wild nature experience, all trails are paved and there are many other people, we did not saw a lot of animals here but also in other jungle walks near La Fortuna.

Set your expectation and you will have fun, nice activity to the family and nice walk in the rainforest jungle



The visit:


At the park entrance you will park your car and check-in for previously purchased tickets (I do not know if you can by on the spot, assume that yes).


We decided to take un-guided tour so once we got our entry ticket, and after looking on Arenal Volcano view we went to the hike.


The hike “principle” is easy, for the longest loop trail that passing through all bridges in any trail junction turn left.

You can’t get loss, there are park trails map in many places along the trail’s junctions.

Along the trails there are informational signs but I will not call this a learning experience….


The long loop trail is 2.5 miles long (4 km).

It crosses 6 large hanging bridges, and many other metal bridges.

Overall, the trail not so difficult to walk and has concrete paths.

This is all family park and kids will love it.


The hanging bridges are all closed on their side with a fence up to above hip high (~4ft). You feel safe but when walking on the bridge they rock and wobbles from side to side.

Before every bridge there is a clear sign with bridge information (length and height), when we visit here a park employee prevent from too many people walking over the bridge at the same time.

The bridges seem to be very secure and well maintained.


The longest bridge is 360 ft and the highest is 150 ft.


The beauty of the bridges is that they are crossing deep canyon, so they lets you have a great view of the forest from above, something difficult to do in the rainforest jungle with such high trees.

From the bridges you can see the deep canyon below you and from some even the Arenal Volcan across the valley, if it is not covered with clouds.


Based on our experience, and what I saw online, it can be a challenge to see wildlife here, with or without a guide. This is because it is a very popular attraction with many visitors, the jungle is dance and it is not easy to spot wildlife.

We did manage to see monkeys up on the treetop, sleeping snake, squirrel and leaf eating ants.


The fan experience was the hike itself and the bridge experience.






Additional Pictures: