San Francisco - Cable Car

San Francisco Cable Car

San Francisco cable car system is the world's last manually operated cable car system, the classic cable cars are still operated as they were in 1873.


The cable car system was implemented successfully in San Francisco because it was difficult and dangerous for horses and carriages to climb the steep hills streets.

The cables are pooled by huge central engines that pull the cables.

The engine is located in powerhouse that driving all cable car lines, each car has a special grip that can attached to the moving cable, so the car moves forward.


You can visit the Cable Car Museum at the corner of Masson and Washington St.

There are currently 3 operative routes, two Powell Street lines (Powell-Hyde & Powell-Mason) that start at downtown near Union Square (Powell and Market St) and one route along California Street.


Today, this public transport system is mainly used as one of the city famous tourist attractions with millions of passengers who use it every year, do expect to wait in the long lines before onboarding the car.

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