Yosemite National Park - Bear Pictures

During my Yosemite visit (May 7th, 2022) I hiked to a relatively "unknown" location in Yosemite: Half Dome Diving Board.

After so many visits at Yosemite I manage to see a bear in the park.

Link to my main Yosemite blog:

Yosemite National Park – How to plan your One-Day visit

Link to the Hike I saw this Bear:
Yosemite NP – Hike to Half Dome Diving Board

I will cover the hike to the Diving Board in another blog (I will add it link here once it will be ready).

This post is all about pictures from my bear encounter during this hike.

The bear saw me first, walking on the trail, and move from the tree he was standing on, this is how I spotted him. 

After short mutual examination he decided that I'm not a threat to him and kept looking for food in the ded tree bark.

I slowly went back and stayed at a safe distance (~100ft) from the bear. With the help of a good zoom (600mm) that I carry with me I manage to catch some good pictures.

Note: Although the bear has brown color fur, all California bears are Black Bears

I hope you will enjoy the Pictures:


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