San Francisco - Union Square

San Francisco - Union Square

Union Square Plaza and the surrounding city blocks is the central shopping, hotels, art galleries and restaurants district in downtown San Francisco.

Map of Union Square Area:

Map of nearby tourist attractions and proposed 1 day visit:

Here and in the nearby streets you will find big-brand shops and many department stores, this is a shopper lover’s dream area. Short walk south will take you to Market St, here you will find additional large stores and the San Francisco’s Westfield shopping center.

In the south side of Union Square there is a large Macy's store that has a restaurant/bar at the top floor, a great place to rest, eat something and enjoy the view of the square.

In a warm sunny day, you can rest and enjoy at the plaza outdoor cafes, at the center of the plaza you can see the memorial monument to Admiral George Dewey from the Spanish American war.

Walk into the pedestrian-only Maiden Lane Street, here you can find additional restaurants and stores.

You can also visit the nearby Museum of Ice-Cream that will give you many Instagram worthy photo opportunities.

There are many hotels nearby and with all the tourist and locals it is safe to be here also at night.

Not far from Union Square, at Hilton SF Union Square top floor, there is a Cityscape Posh cocktail place that has amazing city views, excellent place to spend time at sunset.

Union Square is one of the most touristic locations in San Francisco but only few blocks to the west you will start to get into the less recommended neighborhoods of the city, Tenderloin.

Union Square area is excellent location for your San Francisco stay, it is in a walking distance from many tourist attractions, the area has many restaurants and safe at night.


If you are looking for hotel in Union Square area, there are many good hotels in this area, make sure it is not too far west into Tenderloin area.



In San Francisco there is an epidemic of car break-ins, smashing car glasses and taking things from the car.

Try not to park in the streets of San Francisco and never leave valuable things in your car, even in the car trunk.

There is a large parking garage below the square and you can find many other safe parking lots nearby.


Nearby places to visits:

Chinatown is located just north of the square and on the opposite direction you can go to Market St, head to the south of Market district (SoMa) or walk on Market St all the way through the Financial District to Ferry Building at the bay front.

Another nearby tourist attraction is the cable car station, just walk down to Powell and Market St., stand in line and take the ride.


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