San Francisco - The Painted Ladies

San Francisco - The Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies and Hayes Valley

One of San Francisco’s Iconic tourists photographed location attraction is the ‘Painted Ladies’ view.

The painted ladies are 7 Victorian private houses standing shoulder-to-shoulder in Steiner St, each one colored with 3 or more pastel colors.

About 48,000 houses in the Victorian and Edwardian styles were built in San Francisco between 1849 and 1915. What make those 7 building unique is their location, at Steiner St near Hayes St, just across the road from Alamo Square City Park.

Alamo Square City Park is located on the top of a hill and from here you have an open view of the Painted Ladies houses, and the downtown city skyline is rising in the background behind them. This creates a nice, composed view of the “classical” San Francisco houses and the new downtown skyscrapers.

This is a popular location for tourists and locals, some come just to take a picture and other to enjoys the park large open lawns. In sunny days you can by a cup of coffee in the park coffee truck find an open spot on the lawn, take your time, relax looking at the view.


A good place to take great photos is from the park hill above the houses with city skyline in the background.

The Painted Ladies are private homes, so it is not possible to enter the houses, their beauty is from the outside and the overall view.


To the east of Alamo Square Park, you'll find Hayes Valley, walk down on Hayes St and after few blocks you will enter Hayes Valley shopping area, with its many boutiques and excellent bars and restaurants.

The center of this neighborhood is Patricia’s Green, a small open garden where on a nice sunny weekends people bring their coffee and lunch to eat and enjoy their time.


From here take a short walk east and you will reach Van Ness Ave and the City Hall area.


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