San Francisco - Japantown, Fillmore St. and Alta Plaza Park

Japantown, Fillmore St. and Alta Plaza Park


San Francisco’s Japantown is the oldest of only three remaining Japantown’s in the United States (there is another one in LA and one in San Jose).

Map of the aria:

Japantown center is an open plaza with an impressive 5-tiered Peace Pagoda.

In the nearby indoor & outdoor complexes you can find many sushi, ramen and other traditional Japanese restaurants, grocery stores and gift shops.

San Francisco's Japantown is a fun place to explore, it is not big, but it provides a different and unique Japanese experience.

You can combine your Japantown visit with few other nearby attractions like Fillmore St. and Alta Plaza Park.

There is a large and not expensive parking lot just below the shopping center.



Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption:

The 1971 cathedral unique modern building soars 190 feet high and is crowned with golden cross.

The building was selected in 2007 by the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects for a list of San Francisco's top 25 buildings.

The modern cathedral design, white rounded marble walls, and its top of the hill location make it visible from many viewpoints in San Francisco.

The old and more traditional church building (1854) is located across the street.



Fillmore St.:

Fillmore St. from Post St. north to Jackson St. is a good place to get something to eat or drink in the many local coffee places and restaurants. You can also find here a collection of trendy cloths stores.



Alta Plaza Park:

Several terraces climb the southern slope of this hillside city park.

When you reach the top, you will find a panoramic views of the city on the southeast side and if you will walk to the north side of the park, you can see a view of the San Francisco Bay.

Walk to Jackson and Pierce St. junction cross the street and look down all the way to the bay below you.

Excellent place to relax and enjoy the view in warm sunny day.


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