Mori Point (Pacifica, CA)


What? : A relatively small park covering the costal hill just south of Pacifica Pier.


Where? :

The Park is located at Pacifica (San Mateo County), Mori Point Road intersecting with Route 1, just south of Sharp Park Road.

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Due note 1: rare species, the San Francisco garter snake and the red-legged frog, find protection in the Mori Point’s native coastal prairie vegetation.


Due note 2: Park you’re at Mori Point Road or Bradford Way or at Pacifica Beach Park and walk along the oceanfront trail to Mori Point hill.


My thoughts: A short and easy hike along the oceanfront, climbing the hill and enjoy the view from the top of the hill.


The visit:



For nearly twenty years, Pacificans people wrestled over protection of this private land along the coastline from urban development. Finally, in September 2000, Congress enacted legislation to purchase and add Mori-Point to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.



Visitors to Mori Point can enjoy a network of relatively short trails, that provide sweeping ocean panoramas, wildlife and birds viewing and abundant spring wildflower displays.