Alaska - Anchorage


What? : Alaska’s largest city, located in the south-central part of the state on the Cook Inlet. Anchorage will probably be your air terminal arrival point.

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My thoughts: Anchorage is the biggest city in Alaska, but it looks and feel like a mid-size town in any other US state.

Small town atmosphere with open streets at “downtown”, hotels, museums, many local parks to visit, a mall and overall relax experience.

I do not think this is a must visit city at your Alaska visit but for us it was one day relaxation with few interesting things to see before flying back home.

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The visit:

As any other visitor we started our trip at Anchorage international airport but from there we went straight to the RV company, took our RV, went to Fred-Meyer to buy food and headed our way north out of the city.

Our Anchorage visit was on our last day before flying home.


We planed for one night at Anchorage, starting late afternoon after returning our RV, full day at town and late midnight flight back home.

We booked hotel downtown so we can go by foot and explore it.


For people that are coming to stay in Anchorage and use it as their base camp:

There are train to Seward and Denali.

Many local activities and you can also rent a car for a day trip.

For us, coming from 10 days of the RV trip we prefer to stay in town and explore what it has to offer.


When we visit Anchorage, it was the longest day of the year, very few hours of darkness.

We walk in the downtown and visit the different street shops and the large mall. We took it easy and enjoy the time together.


Attraction points:

Anchorage Museum:

The Anchorage Museum is located downtown, with exhibitions of art, culture, industry, and a special youth activity center making it enjoyable for learners of all ages.

We visit this Museum and spend here few good hours.

Anchorage’s king salmon fishing derby:

Happening at Ship Creek is the annual Downtown Soup Kitchen’s Slam’n Salm’n Festival.

The derby competition to catch the biggest king salmon in the heart of the city happens during the month of June.

We discovered this by “mistake” seeing all the people with roads heading the creek bank.


For those traveling without gear and want to fish, several local businesses rent fishing poles and boots and sell fishing licenses.

If you come only for watching, find a spot on the bridge spanning the creek or at the trails along the banks and watch the fishermen’s fight with the large salmons.

Ship Creek is literally located at the city downtown, walk to the north side, cross the main railroad tracks near the train station and you are at the fishing location.

There are few pedestrian bridges crossing the creek as also longer trail that is going along the creek for longer hike.

You can also find there the Bridge Seafood Restaurant.


Coastal Trail - Elderberry Park:

Here, at the west side of downtown, is the place to rent bikes and go to a ride along the ocean bay. There are practically endless trails covering all sections of Anchorage.

Link to a bike trail map: