Seacliff State Beach - Aptos


What? : A long stretch of sandy beach with long hiking options near the sea.


Where? : located in the city of Aptos, right of hwy 1.

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When? : Year around.


Due note 1: Parking is only available in the upper parking-lot or outside the beach.


Due note 2: RV Camping is available.


Due note 2: Ideal place for strollers.


Due note 3: At specific Summer nights you can see here the unique phenomena of sea algae that create a blue light.


My thoughts: A place for long distances hike on the sandy shore.


The visit:

This long stretch of ocean sand beach has great accessible facilities including picnic areas, an interpretive center and RV camping.

This beach is known for its long-paved pedestrian road right on the ocean where you can hike south and cross the Rio Del Mar bridge, after crossing the bridge you can keep hiking south on the sandy beach for many more miles.

You can also hike to the north in the direction of Capitola.

At summertime the beach is also a popular swimming spot.

One of the most unusual attractions in the Santa Cruz area rests at the end of the fishing pier: the old SS Palo Alto drowned ship that populated by the local birds.