What? : Beach visit at the lovely town of Capitola.

Where? : Just south of Santa Cruz.

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Due note: Sometime it is difficult to find parking near the town beach

My thoughts: We spend here a midweek day late afternoon, just to re-energize and hike on the beach during low tide. I visit here again few times and it was always relaxing and fun visit.

The visit:

The main visitor attractions are the pier with the restaurant at it end and to see the colorful hotel (Capitola Venetian Hotel) on the beach.
There are additional restaurants at the street nearby and you can walk south to the viewing deck.
During good-weather weekends all the restaurants are open and the small streets can be crowded.

Just below the pier you can visit and enjoy Capitola State Beach, where the lagune of Soquel Creek ends.
Looks like that the beaches north of this location are more populars with surfers.

there is not a lot much to do here except strolling on the small beach, enjoy the view and to eat at the nearby restaurants.

Additional Pictures:

Pictures from my Nov. 2022 Visit