San Pedro Valley Park


Where? : Located east of hwy 1 in the town of Pacifica (San Mateo county)

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What? : Large park that offer hikes into the ocean mountain range and also picnic tables.


When? : Summer is preferred for picnic but hiking can be done year round.


Due note: Not clear why but unlike most other counties San Mateo county are taking 6$ for car entrance. In many cases, where there no one at the pay station or visitor center you must have the exact change because you need to put this in small envelop.


My thoughts: I visit this park only once in the winter, it was raining and with low clouds so can’t really enjoy the view.


The visit:

There are large parking lots near the visitor center, maybe/probably this is a popular picnic place for locals at summer.


I visit the park ad Dec. 2020 so during Korona they set the 3 major loop hikes to be one way.

I did the 3.7 miles Hazelnut trail and the 0.8-mile Weiler ranch trail back to the visitor center.

The Hike:

The Hazelnut trail start right behind the visitor center, it starts with almost 2 miles of constant climb, not difficult but going up all the time. Near the top you will reach to a large grove of large eucalyptus trees, some looks very old and large.

Keep climbing more and at some point, the trail starts to go down for another 1.5 miles. Once the trail reaches the valley below it connects to middle road trail. Here you can turn right and after short hike you will reach the end of the trail.

From this point it is easy 1-mile back to the visitor center, you may see here the local dears at the open grass (looks like they are used to visitors and do not afraid at all).

Another option to extend this hike is to take the Valley View Trail that climb on the hill north of the main valley. This is 1.4-mile trail that climb the hill and go down in series of switchbacks.


Another popular trail is climbing the Montara Mountain Trail up and go down via Brooks Creek Trail. Overall hike of 2.3 miles.