Monarch Butterfly at Natural Bridges SB

I visit here at Dec. 23, 2021; Only small numbers of Monarch Butterfly where spotted


Where? : The park is located at the north side of Santa Cruz.

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When? : At the months of October through mid-February


Due note: The amount of butterflies you can see here may be different every year, unfortunately looks like numbers are getting lower every year.


My thoughts: It was nice visiting here during a warm October 2019 weekend, the park was crowded but this did not hurt the experience of seeing the butterfly’s.


The visit:

The Santa Cruz Monarch Butterfly Grove is located on the western edge of town in the center of Natural Bridges State Beach. The visitor center at the park has information on the butterflies and their amazing migration.

The Monarch Grove provides a temporary home for thousands of butterflies, the mild winter temperatures and eucalyptus grove provide a safe place for monarchs to stay until early spring where they start their journey back to the valleys west of the Rocky Mountains.

A short walking path called the Monarch Butterfly Trail will take you through the grove of large eucalyptus trees where they literally hang out on levees and small brunches.


After seeing the butterflies you can go and enjoy the park nice beach.