Half Moon Bay Harbor and Mavericks Beach


Where? : Located at the north section of Half Moon Bay.

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What? : Large protect bay harbor and Mavericks Beach, ocean, birds and marine life viewing.


When? : Year round, Mavericks wave session happened around January.


The visit:


You can find variety of restaurants and hotel options in this Harbor.

You can also rent a kayak and take it to the Jetty protected large bay section. Many are doing windsurfing, fishing and other related activities.


West Shoreline Access and Mavericks Beach:

You can park your car at the parking lot at the end of W. Point Ave. there is a small marsh near the parking lot and the trail will take you below the cliffs to the west protected beach. One you will reach the end of the trail you will be expose to the ocean and Mavericks Beach and the marina Jetty. At January you can have huge 50 feet waves that attract crazy surfers...


On the north side you can walk up the hill and connect to the Pillar Point Bluff preserve (see Moss Beach blog). This is a large open space with few hiking trails going all the way north to Moss Beach. You can hike here, view the ocean the flowers and birds.