Davenport Beach


Where? : Not far from Santa Cruz north on hwy 1.

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What? : A nice sandy beach with few other nearby attractions to explore.


When? : Year round.


Due note: Excellent place to take sunset photos.


My thoughts: I really like this section of the cost, on top of the nice sandy beach there are other things to explore, the old pier and the small tree grove at the north section, the sea stack in the bay, the small creek going to the ocean just south of the beach and the Shark Fin Cove half a mail south. I like spending here the afternoon and see the sun set in the west.


The visit:

You can easily spend half a day or nice afternoon visiting Davenport beach, with it large sandy beaches, short hikes on the ocean cliff, interesting things to explore and few dining options in the small town nearby (do not miss the cakes at Whale City Bakery when it is open).


Park your car at the main parking lot just in front of the small town on the west side of hwy 1.


Davenport Pier:

From the parking lot go north on the railroad and right after the small creek find the trail that will take you to the large trees on cliff above the ocean. Keep going north on the cliff edge and soon you will see in the bay below the old Davenport Pier remining’s. Series of 3 large concrete pillars stretching into the ocean, once they hold water drainage pipe from the large factory above. The view from the cliff is nice and at first you do not understand how people manage to climb down. The trail down is at the widest part of the bay, it is very step, un-maintained, crumbling surface trail but it is doable. You do not need a rope to get down but be careful. Except being at the beach down below and look at the pillars from up close there is nothing special there.


Davenport beach:

Going over the highway at the free large parking lot you will find the passage to the beach. Go down to the old railroad and keep south until you will find the easy trail to the wide sandy beach.

On the south side of the beach there is a large sea stack and after it you can find Davenport Crack. If it is high tide with crashing waves and you can’t access from the seaside there is a short trail getting into the creek from the back side, you can also climb to the small hilltop for nice view.


Shark Fin Cove:

If you keep going on the railroad tracks south for additional half a mail you will reach to the top of Shark Fin Cove (there is a small parking lot on hwy 1). You can view the small lower bay from the cliff edge or take the short trail down.

In the middle of the bay there is a nice large sea stack in the shape of Shark Fin.

The trail will lead you into the small bay that is surrounded by cliffs, a small hole in the rock allow the wave to get into the bay.