Biosphere 2


Where? : Located near the city of Oracle, Arizona. 45 min drive north of Tucson, 2 hr drive south of Phoenix.

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What? : The largest artificial closed ecological system that explore the aspects of mankind colonies outside of earth.


When? : Year round.


Due note: The location of Biosphere 2 is 50 min drive north east of Tucson, it can be done as a day trip or as an off the main I10 drive, stop when going from Phoenix to Tucson.


My thoughts: I still remember the tv shows about this experiment from the 90’s … I visit here 2 times and really enjoy the visit. I like this place, half a museum and half a living experiment that you can get inside, understand the difficulties and the challenges we will need to overcome if we want to live outer space.


The visit:

Large research facility located in Oracle, Arizona. It was originally constructed at 1987 with the mission to be an artificial closed ecological system, it remains the largest closed system ever created.

Biosphere 2 was originally meant to demonstrate the viability of closed ecological systems to support and maintain human life in outer space.

The large structure includes 7 different biomes like: rainforest, ocean with a coral reef, mangrove wetlands, agricultural system and a human habitat with living spaces.

It had only 2 full closed-system experiment: once from 1991 to 1993, and the second at 1994. Both attempts, though heavily publicized, ran into problems including low amounts of food and oxygen and other issues.


The visit is a self-guided tour: one-way path around the exterior and portions of the interior of Biosphere 2.  This fascinating, family-friendly experience will be guided by a tour app.

Depending on your level of interest this visit can take between 2hr to half a day.