Skyline Trail and Saratoga Gap


Where? : When going up into the mountains from Saratoga on hwy #9 you will reach Saratoga Gap junction at the top of the coastal ridge.
From here you can turn both north or south into hwy #35 or you can keep going down on hwy 9 all the way to Santa Cruz.

What? : This junction parking lot (hwy 9 & 35) can be the starting point for few hiking or biking trip (most of them are “in and out”).

Here you can connect the long trail that is going parallel to hwy 35 and is part of the 380 miles Bay Ridge Trail system.


Deu note: Do remember that as most of other gated parking lots this car park can be looked 30 min after sunset!

The Visit: 

Good map of this aria:


Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Spec: Excellent web to find all about parks and maps, covering all skyline ridge and hwy 35:

Relevant blogs:


Skyline to the Sea Trailhead:

30 miles long trail with overnight options start from Saratoga Gap junction through Big Basin Redwoods State Park all the way to the ocean (Waddell Beach at hwy #1).

This is very nice trail going in some large redwood sections and it is all downhill…

Important note: due to 2020 fires Big Basin Redwoods State Park was severely damage and it is currently close so please check in advance if the trail is open