Castle Rock State Park


Where? : Located on the southern part of the skyline on hwy 35; There are new and old parking lots, ¼ mile apart.

What? : Castle Rock State Park is a nice park with viewing points to the west, few trails that are covering the ridge, large rock formations and you can also have overnight wilderness camping option.


When? : This is year round park but more recommended to visit during winter after rainy day.

Dew note 1: Castel Rock is very popular park, during weekends you may find it difficult to find a parking spot (+ need to pay parking fee) and all hikes will be crowded with other visitors, expect delays at the narrow rocky sections.

Dew note 2: Bike rides are not allowed at any park trails.

My thoughts: Fun park to visit with nice loop trail, viewing points and rock formation. The problem that during weekend many families are visiting this popular park, thing that create congestion and slowness on the trails.

The visit:

You can start at any parking lot, they are both connect to the same trail that is going down Saratoga Gap Trail.

The hike: After ½ mile on Saratoga Gap trail there is a fork. From this point this is a loop trail, it is recommended to keep left (clockwise, this is also the corona one-way direction).

After very short walk you reach the Castle Rock Falls viewing platform.

Keep on going into the open-view section of the trail where you can see all the way to Santa Cruz.

After passing Patrick Charles Allen Memorial Grove you will reach to Interconnector Trail junction. Here you can keep on going on Saratoga Gap trail all the way to the park camping site.

My recommendation is to take right (up) into Interconnector Trail that will take you to Ridge Trail. 

Going back (right) on Ridge Trail; This trail passes through nice rocky sections along the ridge top.



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