Pearson-Arastradero Preserve


The park is located at Arastradero Rd., Palo Alto Hills, 5 min drive out of 280 highway, Page Mill Rd. exit.

What? :
The park has few trails, grate place for hiking and biking.
The main park section is heading south from the parking lot and the visitor center, on the other side of the road, going up to the rolling hills.
This is very popular park, especially at weekends.

Due note 1: The trails are relatively not difficult and only partly shaded.

Due Note 2: Finding parking spot at weekends can be difficult (small parking lot), you can park on the road side before the parking lot, park only where you do not see "do not park" signs.

Due note 3: There are restrooms and water near the parking lot.

Due note 4: The park is mountain bike friendly so do expect to see them on the trail.

The Visit:

The main trail starts at the parking lot, cross the road to the other side and get into the main park trail system.

After a half a mile on the main trail into the park you will reach the small pond.

From this point you can continue all the way to Arastradero Preserve Loop Vista Point or take a short loop hike back to the car park.

You can find few loop options with several trails that are connecting the 2 main trails.
the landscape is open, the trail marks are clear so you will not get lost.

You can also hike at the open hills near the visitor center, from here you will have a nice view south to the park itself.

Another longer hiking option is to take the park main trail south all the way up to it ends, where it connect into Foothills Nature Preserve. Keep hiking into foothill park and once you are done over there you need to hike back to the parking lot.

My Thoughts:
I like this park, the right combination of open space and forest, animals and birds.
The park has relatively short hikes, I use it as afternoon getaway.
Good option for nearby mountain bike ride that does not have a lot of uphill climbs.






Additional Pictures: