El Corte de Madera Creek


Where? : El Corte de Madera Creek is a very large park spared south west of hwy 35 over the mountain’s, creeks and dense forest.


What? : Endless trails are crossing the park (mainly fire roads), going down from the ridge line all the way to Lawrence Creek and El Corte de Madera Creek.

When? : Recommended hiking time is during winter when all streams have running water.

Deu Notes: Because this is a very popular mountain-bike park it is less recommended for hiking.

My thoughts: This is one of the friendliest best mountain biking park.
Hikes are usually start with steep downhill following by strenuous hike back to the ridge line.

The visit:

There are many options for hiking or biking, short or very long. Need to remember that once you start to go down you will need to climb your way up back to hwy 35.

You can also hike/bike the skyline trail on the North-East side of the road.


On top of the nice deep forest there are few point of interest:

1. MethuselahTree near hwy 35 is 1,800 years old redwood tree and is the largest redwood in the Santa Cruz Mountains outside of the trees found in Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

2. Old Growth Redwood: very big Redwood tree in the middle of the forest, a short hike from the main trail.
3. Tafoni Sandstone Formation: Tafoni are large sandstone boulders that have naturally weathered over thousands of years to create cave-like indentations in the rock

4. Vista Point: not so much vista but it a nice place to stop for a break.