San Francisco - Lombard St

Lombard St

When people are saying that they visit Lombard St in San Francisco they are referring to a small, only one block section of this street, that is famous for a steep, one-way drive, narrow section with eight hairpin turns.

City planners and residents have struggled with San Francisco's steep hills from the very beginnings of the city.

In 1922, the homeowners decided that their street was too steep, and created a series of eight sharp turns to make this downhill road to be more manageable and safer for horse-drawn wagons.

This short 600 feet of road winds eight times between the houses gardens and it is often called the most crooked street in the world.

This is one of the city’s popular attractions and around one million cars drive it down in every year.

The one-way street drive will take you down from Hyde St at the hilltop at the east side in the direction of Coit Tower. The cable car line pass here and from this high point you will have a great view of Coit Tower, the Bay Bridge and the bay.


How to drive there:

You can only drive into Lombard St “famous” section if you are coming on Lombard St itself (driving from west to east).

Traffic rules won't let cars turn onto Lombard St. from Hyde Street because the cars would back up on Hyde and interfere with the cable cars that run along there.

You would need to join the line of waiting cars on Lombard St. leading up to the twisted section. This is a steep road section going up and once you cross Hyde Street you will start your drive down.


I marked my V on this drive 25 years back and never did it since than…


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