San Francisco - Mission District

San Francisco - Mission District

Mission District

This is one of San Francisco unique and colorful districts to visit, probably my personal favorite.

If you can take your time, you can easily spend one full day here.

Map of Mission District, highlight central streets:

Map of South area of San Francisco:

The San Francisco's southern expansion district named for the 18th century Mission Dolores. The building built by the Spanish, and it is the oldest surviving structure in San Francisco.

The Mission District has a Latino root and a current hipster up-to-date trendy neighborhood vibe.

You can find here many bars and restaurants, this can be street burrito stands or upscale fine dining. You will find here many vintage clothing shops, and many other small local businesses.

It's a busy neighborhood, especially during weekends, but unlike some trendy locations it is not overwhelmed by tourists.

With all its restaurants and bars selection this district is an excellent destination for day and night fun activities.

The mission area is much warmer and sunnier than many other parts of the city, it is protected from the west by the hills and far from the bay opening so it is less foggy compared to other neighborhoods.



One of the highlights of this colorful neighborhood are the many vibrant murals covering the walls of the streets and allies.

You can find murals when you are walking in the district main streets along Mission and Valencia St. and in many allies near 24th St.

For specific murals location look in google map for the following places:

  • Clarion Alley,
  • El Capitan Murals,
  • Osage Alley Artwork,
  • Cypress Street Murals,
  • The Lilac Mural Project,
  • Balmy Alley,
  • Precita Eyes Muralists.


Mission Dolores Park

Located on the west hill side of Mission district this beautiful park is a popular weekend hangout.

It’s the perfect place to picnic, the park has outstanding views of downtown San Francisco skyline and it is a great people-watching and relaxing location.


Dia de Los Muertos:

This is one of the best districts to join locals celebrating the Dia de Los Muertos event (Day of the Dead).

This celebration is held every year on November 1 - 2.

The parade happened on the first night at 7pm starting at 22nd and Bryant Streets.



On the last weekend of May, you can celebrate here the SF Carnaval (, celebration of the Latino, Caribbean, and African cultures.

Located on Harrison Street between 16th and 24th streets.


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