San Francisco - Twin Peaks

 San Francisco - Twin Peaks

The top of Twin Peaks probably provides the best of San Francisco View!


These two hills rise almost 1000 feet above the bay and the north hilltop is in a continues straight line with Market Street.

The south peak probably has a better 360 view, there is a trail with steep staircase climbing it.

It is a busy place with almost no parking spots all day long, just before sunset it is becoming even more crowded, so if you plan to be here at sunset come a lot earlier.


From the viewing area next to the parking lot at the top, you can see almost all San Francisco's: the downtown skyline, Market Street and the Ferry Building at the end, the towers of Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. To the east, in the bay, you can see Oakland, Berkley and even Mount Diabolo. When looking west you can see the ocean, the perfect place to see the sunset.


Tip: As anywhere in San Francisco, but especially here, it can be very cold and windy up there (especially at the afternoon), bring warm cloths, even if it's a warm summer day.

Map of the area, as you can see Twin peaks is located just near Castro St. you can even walk up the hill but it is better to drive there...

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