Twin Lakes, Bridgeport


What? : Two large summer vacation lakes, prime fishing location.


Where? : The first lake of the two is located 10 miles south west out of Bridgeport on Twin Lakes road.

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Due note 1: Not to confuse this location with the Twin Lakes at Mammoth Lakes


Due note 2: There are many camping and cabin rental options in the Twin Lakes area.


My thoughts: I had only a short visit at Twin Lakes, I was looking for fall leaves colors and did not hike in this area.

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The visit:


Twin Lakes is two large lakes at the base of the eastern Sierra Nevada just east of the town of Bridgeport.

A good road is connecting this popular summer vacation spot that offer one of the prime fishing locations in California. You will find many boating, camping and cabin rental options at Twin Lakes.


The lakes are relatively large, so it does not mean you're going to be stuck in crowded areas.