Martin’s Beach


Update: Last time I visit this place was at Jan. 2022.

Where? : Located 6.5 miles south of Half Moon Bay. Parking lot is just on hwy 1.

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What? : One of the most beautiful ocean beach in this section of California coastline.


When? : Year round.


Due note: Because it is surrounding by private owned land there was legal battle to allow beach access and at 2017 California courts to restore public access to the beach.


My thoughts: I really like visiting this beach, amazing sea stack in the middle of the bay, long sandy beaches and excellent place for sunset picture taking. This beach is not crowded because you need to hike from hwy 1 down to the beach.


The visit:

Martins Beach, located just south of Half Moon Bay, is a public beach in front of a private gated community. The property is surrounded by high cliffs and farmlands so there is just one way to the beach – the gated road.

You need to park at the parking lot right on hwy 1. From here half a mile walk down the road and through the small community will bring you to the sandy beach.

The high bluffs are visible at both ends of the cove. You can walk on the send to the north to see the tall shark fin shaped rock up close. If you keep going to the north bay, you can see the rock arch in the bottom. Walking the entire beach isn’t difficult as it’s only about 3/4-mile long.


No matter if this is hot summer day or cold windy day at winter, I like to come here at the afternoon, hike the road down to the beach and just enjoy the seacliff beauty, take pictures and wait for sunset.



Pictures from my Jan 2022 visit: