Devil's Slide


Where? : Located right on hwy 1, parking lots are available at both endpoints of the tunnel.

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What? : The old hwy 1 road crossing the ragged ocean mountain cliffs section, the trail offer vast ocean view.


When? : Year round


Due note: This trail based the old road so do not expect “nature single-track” kind of hike, Along the entire length of the trail there is a dedicated bicycles lane.


My thoughts: you can stop here on hwy 1 to stretch your lag, walk the trail at the cliffs above the ocean, see the landscape and birds. Visiting here is more recommended for locals that has seen many hwy 1 points of interest but this is not a must stop on your hwy 1 road-trip.


The visit:

I will recommend to park at the southern parking lot, you start with climbing and going back is all downhill.

No matter if you park at the north or south parking lot this is 1.3-mile one-way hike.

This section of hwy 1 that connect the coastline to Pacifica from the south was closed at Devil's Slide for few times since the 40’s because of erosion and massive landslides, this led to large tunneling project that bypass this cliff section.

There are few viewing point platforms with Interpretive signs along the way but practically the entire road is one large landscape viewpoint. You can view many birds far at the rocks below.

Just south of the park you can find the interesting old WW2 antiaircraft gun bunker. You can walk there from the parking lot (no official trail) or park your car on the side of the road and see it up close.


0.7 mile to the south on hwy 1 you will find Gray Whale Cove Trail Parking Lot.

Here you can park and hike the trails that are going up the exposed coast mountains and McNee Ranch State Park.

From here you can also go down to Gray Whale Cove State Beach nested below the rocky cliffs.