Wunderlich County Park


Where? : Large park main entrances located at the lower section of the park near Portola valley and reach all the way to skyline ridge top (hwy 35).

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What? : The park climb the mountains and it’s area covered with forest redwood trees in the creeks and other trees like Oak and Eucalyptus. Many trail options, most start with the climb and then you will go down to the parking lot.


When? : year round, also good for summer day because the trails are covered with trees that provide shade during the hikes.

Due note 1: The parking lot can get completely full during weekends, no option to park on hwy 84 narrow road, so make sure you are coming early or later in the afternoon (preferred)


Due note 2: This is very active equestrian park so do expect to encounter horse rides and poop…

Due note 3: This is not park for mountain bikes !


My thoughts: Nice park, I visited it only once during hot summer day afternoon, but I will defiantly come back during winter rainy day, nice hikes that start with going up all the way to open meadows and then trails that are going down.

I did not hike the higher section of the park (the trails that go’s up all the way to hwy35) so I do not know how this section is.

The visit:

Park your car at the small parking lot (at weekends come early morning or late afternoon) and take the Alambique Trail on your left side.

The trail climbs the Alambique creek for about 2 miles; Mostly in dense wood, and nice redwood groves at the side creeks and some open spaces that are being renovated.

After 2 miles of climbing you will reach a narrow and short trail turning left into Alambique Flat; take it and after hundred feet you will get into large redwood grove with running water creek, there is unmarked trail that can take you into the water.

From this point keep going up for 0.1 mile and you will reach trail junction. If you will keep straight on Oak Trail you will start the descend, I recommend taking the trail to the left and go up to Alambique Bear Gulch trail. Here you can turn left and go up; I went right and after 0.3 miles you will reach the large open space called “The Medows”.

This is an excellent place to rest and enjoy the view to the west. From here keep going on Alambique Bear Gulch trail all the way down in a very nice forest section to Folger Stable and the parking lot.

It will take you to finish his 5-mile loop around 3 hr, you can make it shorter by turning right on Meadow Trail mid-uphill or going down on Oak Trail.


You can also add additional 5-6 miles by going all the way to hwy 35 (up on Alambique trail and down on Skyline trail).