Santa Teresa County Park


Note: I revisit the park at May 2022, no update

Where? : 30 minute drive south of Sunnyvale near the 101 & 85 interchange.

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What? : A visit to Santa Teresa County Park includes walking on wide trails in the open hills, high viewpoints and the Coyote Peak.

When? : The prefer time is when all is green and not at a hot day (no shade at all at any hiking trail).


Due note 1: Friendly park for bikers.


Due note 2: The trails have no shade, so at summer hot day it is recommended to visit in the afternoon which is less hot.


My thoughts: This is relatively a small park and without many hiking option. It is nearby, with south bay view so I recommend a visit it at least once, with few hr hike you can cover it all.

The visit:

The park main entrance is in the center parking lot (there are few other trail starting points).


There are several loop hiking options:

Very short (1.5 miles, Red trail on the map):

From the main parking lot take the Pueblo Trail. Continue with the trail to the left and go all the way to the small parking point on the road. From there, descend the Mine Trail and turn left at all intersections until you finally return to the parking lot.

Long (3.7 miles, Orange hike on the map):

From the parking lot descend along the creek on the Rocky Ridge Trail. At the Mine Trail junction keep straight on Rocky Ridge Trail and after a long ascent (1.8 miles) along the ridge you reach a junction with the Coyote Peak Trail.

Turn left and go up all the way to the beautiful lookout point that overlooks the entire south valley to the north and to Morgan Hill area in the southeast.

From this point you can go straight down to the parking lot area on the Hidden Springs Trail.

An option to extend the hike from the viewpoint (an addition of about 1 mile to the route, Purple trail on the map) is to take Boundary Line Trail, after 0.7 miles turn right at the junction with Ridge trail, keep going on Ridge Trail all the way to Hidden Springs Trail, turn right and go back to the parking lot.


Another 2 miles loop (that can be combine with other trails, Blue trail on the map):

Hike around the hill of the small detention facility, exit on the Hidden Springs Trail, cross the road and turn left onto the Mine Trail.

Ascend the hill, turn left and cross the road back, return to the parking lot on the Pueblo Trail.






More pictures from my May 2022 visit: