Mount Umunhum


Where? : Located at the top of highest peaks in the Santa Cruz mountain range at 3,486 feet.

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What? : A relatively small park with one main trail going up the mountain, at a nice day there is very nice south bay view from the mountain top near the old and not use huge square military radar building (this building can be seen from miles away).


When? : All year but recommend to come when there is good visibility without haze or fog…


My thoughts: I did the hike up the mountain (and back) but not sure it is the most recommended one, the view from the top of the mountain is very nice. Can drive all the way up… Can combine this trip with a visit to Almaden park.


If you do not want to hike from the lower parking lot all the way up to the top of the mountain you have an option to have easier hike.

At the road halfway to the mountaintop you will have parking lot on your left. park and take the 1/2 mile flat trail to the view point, nice and easy hike.

Another option is go to the mountain top from this midway parking, just cross the road and take the trail going up.