Anderson Lake County Park


Where? : Anderson lake county park located 30 min drive south of the bay east of Morgan Hills.
The relatively small park starts at the large dam holding Anderson Lake.
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What? : The park is small but provide few nice trails, large lake view and small water pond.

This is an excellent place to spend an afternoon at nature.

Visit to this park can be combined with visit at Coyote Creek Parkway County Park and a picnic at the park below the dam.

The Visit:

Two miles loop:

The trail starts from the dam upper parking lot (near the boat ramp). After a short climb you will continue leveled on Lakeview Trail loop. After additional 0.3 mile, near a seating bench with the view, you can see on your left “unofficial” but clear trail going down to the lake, nice and short detour to explore.

Going back from the lake shore detour the trail continues and after 0.2 mile you will arrive to the small nice pound.

Turn left and after short hike you will reach the big old tree and the park south entrance. 

At the big tree turn right and go back from the other slide of the lake at the hillside forest until you will reach Rancho Laguna trail. Turn left and go down, once reaching back to Lakeview Trail turn left and go back to the parking lot.

You can also walk from the dam to the lake and explore the shoreline or have a picnic at the forest below.