Windy Hill Preserve


Where? : Windy Hill Preserve start at Portola Valley and climb up the ridge all the way to hwy 35.
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What? : This is a popular park for hiking during weekend.

Windy Hill: At the top of the park near hwy 35 you can find one of the best viewing point on hwy 35. You can see all the south bay and from the other side of the viewing point all the way west to the ocean. There is a parking spot on hwy 35 right by the hill, so this is very popular sunrise/set location.

Due Notes: This is a very popular park on weekends both for hikers and bikers, can be difficult to find parking spot during weekends. The hike is mainly open landscape without a lot of shade.

The Visit:

There are 3 main options to hike at the park:

1.  Easy 1.6 miles loop: start at the main parking lot, go up on Betsy Crowder Trail, once connected to Spring Ridge trail turn left (down) and go back to the parking lot (you can stop at the small pond).

2. Medium loop: Once reaching Spring Ridge trail turn right and climb 2 miles all the way to the top of the ridge and hwy 35. Then turn left into Anniversary Trail. You can visit the Windy Hill viewpoint. Keep going on Lost Trail. Turn left into Hamms Gluch Trail and go all the way down and back to the parking lot.

3. Long hike (10 miles): as extension to hike #2 keep going on Loss Trail additional 1.7 miles, turn left into Razarback Ridge Trail that will take you down, turn into Eagle Trail, that will take you into Hamms Gluch Trail and back to the parking lot.

My thoughts: Windy Hill mountain is the best bay viewing point, overall it is OK park but not must visit, you can do the short lower trail near the pond.