Skyline Ridge Preserve


Where? : Large park near hwy 35 and Alpine Rd.
You have 2 options to park your car: at Skyline Ridge Parking on hwy 35 (near Horseshoe lake) or at Russian Ridge parking lot.

What? : Large and nice mountain park covered with forest and 2 water ponds.

When? : Recommended park for all seasons.

My Thoughts: This is a nice park to hike, the best section is near Horseshoe Lake.

The visit:

If you parked at the Russian Ridge parking lot cross under the road and go to David C. Daniels Nature Center near the small pond.

There are few hiking options leading south along the ridge.

You can take Sunny Jim Trail or Ipiwa Trail, both trails will take you to the nice Horseshoe Lake.

If you park at Skyline Ridge Parking Lot a short hike will take you to Horseshoe Lake.

At the lake you can have few 1-mile loop options.

You can also take the Tree Farm trail going south to the tree-farm section, you can also keep walking south parallel to hwy 35 all the way to Saratoga Gap junction.

Most of the trails are mountain bike friendly.